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Introvert, Poetry in Motion series

Posted by Felicite Piper on July 9, 2011 at 8:05 PM

Keep it bottled up, tight

Sharing causes chaos, so keep it light

Avert your eyes; keep your head down low

Prepare a non-descript expression, so they'll never know

Nod through the conversation or stare into space

Hide the anger in your eyes; plaster a fake smile on your face

Become a chameleon, as you fade into the background

Keep your thoughts to yourself and don't utter a sound

Go along to get along, be agreeable, compromise

Keep your feelings under wraps; never let them get a rise

Out of you comes nothing but calm, stay cool and collected

Never crack under pressure, even when rejected

Appear unscathed as they attack your character

Take the rage that builds and place it on the alter

Lock it away, swallow the key

Bury it deep inside of me

For no one to see

Project the picture of serenity

If they only knew, it's the God in me

Controlling what they see

Underestimate my capability

Label me weak

When in reality I'm stronger than you'll ever be

Who will inherit, the meek

Bite my tongue until it bleeds

Pray away the hate

Love is what this needs

So open the flood gates

Go ahead; believe the text and where it leads

A carefully calculated response tightly woven, but between the lines is where it breathes

Where it grows, a life you'll never know

As increasingly you build a case for yourself, with a verdict that reads neither friend nor foe

Deep breaths in and out, steady my pace

Swallow all emotions, leaving not even a taste

Disguise the pain, cover the hurt

Build a castle of protection around you and pretend to be an introvert.

Introvert by Ansel Butler

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