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Posted by Felicite Piper on July 8, 2011 at 5:59 PM

1 Hastily packing up everything I think I'll need to survive

Leaving behind what's most important,

What's kept me alive

2 Make a break for it

When I think no one is looking,

When nobody's around

Hoping not to be followed,

But praying to be found

3 Seeking shelter deep in places

Where I won't be recognized

Avoiding phone calls and eye contact

Contemplating cutting all ties

4 Build up the lies

I've told myself

There's no turning back

You'll only be remembered for what you lack

5 Suppress the need to come back home

Afraid to deal with harsh realities

Escape responsibilities

And the image I'm not qualified for

Faced with the decision of running further

Or walking through the door

6 Into the arms of the only one that can save me from myself

Deliver me from my fear

Strip me of my insecurities

Understand every tear

7 Steering clear

Of what's in front of me

And what could be my fate

Waiting for the need to runaway to dissipate

Fear by Ellie King

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